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  kunshan heineda machinery industrial co.,ltd.
  kunshan heineda machinery industrial co.,ltd.
, professional manufacturing all kinds of sawing machinery, from the initial evolution of the traditional models to semi-automatic control machinery and automatic cnc computer aluminum cutting machinery, has independently developed dozens of models, the company saw the aluminum sawing machinery is particularly prominent , access to the majority of customers praise.
  the use of modern production management, with a sound working environment and excellent production facilities, according to the company to develop a stringent quality control, manufacturing shipments, experienced technology, manufacturing process of the stringent requirements, mechanical performance before the test, it is meticulous, to maintain the high quality of han tian mechanical tradition, completely meet the quality requirements of customers...
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stand saw
the use of mechanical and electronic integration of the control system, with the improved wellhead carbide...
applicable to all kinds of thickness of the 国产偷拍在线免费视频0aluminum cutting process, the type of saw drive and feed are...
profile 国产偷拍在线免费视频1saw
applicable to a variety 国产偷拍在线免费视频2of profiles processing, the type of sawing drive and feed are used in germany cnc...
aluminum saws
including lubricants, coolant, cutting oil, circular saw blades, bimetallic band saw blades, self-priming...

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